25/50K Course Map:

Course Description:

The Mesquite Fire course is mostly flat (minimal speed bumps, aka hills)  winding at parts, and foremost--fast! The scenery is very representative of our Rio Grande Valley foliage, mesquite trees and cactus.


5/10k--One loop

25K--Two 7.75 mile loops

50K--Four 7.75 mile loops 

Mesquite Fire 5/10/25/50K

Date: 3/14/20

Location: Hike and Bike Trails, City Mission of Mission Hike and Bike Trail, Mission, TX 78572 (Google Maps)


25/50K Start Time: 7:00am

5/10K Start Time:   7:30am


Mesquite Fire 2019 FAQs:

1. How many aid stations will there be?
There will be three manned aid stations. All aid stations will have cups and water. 
2. How will the course be marked and will there be a map?
The course will be marked with arrows and Sole Racing signs.
3. Do I need a flashlight or headlamp?
The 25/50K will start with minimal light at 7:00am, sunrise is 7:42am on 3/14/20.
4. If I'm running the 25k/50k will I be able to access any change of clothes/socks/shoes or extra nutrition/hydration that I bring?
Yes, since, the 25k will be run i
n two 7.75 mile loops and the 50k in four 7.75 mile loops, the start/finish area will act as the main aid station. We will have a designated area for your belongings that you can access during your stop at this particular aid station. Also, it's a good idea to have family members at the start since they can cheer you on!
5. Will the aid stations offer more than just water and ice?
Yes, the Start/Finish aid station and the two other aid stations will offer food (pretzels, pringles, trail mix, bananas etc.) and Gatorade.
6. If I'm registered for the 50k and decide to stop at 25k, or if I'm registered for the 25k and decide to stop after the first loop (7.75 miles), will I still get a finisher medal? (RUNNER MUST REPORT CHANGES TO TIMING)
Yes, you'll still get a finisher medal, but you will not be eligible to recieve a 25k or 10k or 5K award.
7. Will there be a cutoff time for the 25K/50k?
Yes, all runners must be on their last loop before 1:00pm. Runners who come in after 1:00pm, will be asked to drop down to the distance below their registration (50k drops down to 25k; 25k drops down to 10k) and will be given a finisher medal for completing 10K or 25K of the course.
8. If I feel like I can continue, will I be allowed to move up to the 25k or 50k?
No, you may only drop down a distance, not move up.
9. Am I supposed to have fun during the race?
Yes, even if at times, you'll be thinking, "What in the world was I thinking signing up for a 25k/50k!"
No bib transfers or roll overs allowed